Saturday, October 23, 2010

Floating Whale Feces Helps Keep the Ocean Alive

Ok. So we did make it to Dragoncon. Yipee! For those interested here is a Facebook album of the Parade with a few pictures of myself thrown in. Note the horns.

Just before I left for Dragoncon I learned how to lace myself into a corset. It's the best thing I've learned in years! YearS plural. For serious. I was so enamored with this new knowledge that I took advantage of the vendors room and doubled my corset menagerie. I now own a grand total of 4 corsets. Woot Woot! The White and Black leather striped one you see in the photo, a white embroidered one I will never wear to a wedding, an underbust pinstripe that I will rock with my pinstripe fedora, and a pink and tourqoise one that begs for something purple. I'd take pictures of them to show you, but I broke my camera. Or rather the car that ran over it broke it. yeah....

The first day of school was the last day of working life for my camera. Thank goodness the Garmin survived it. I blame the bag I borrowed from my stepmom. The bottomless pouch I put the garmin and camera in didn't help either. I took my MP3 player, the camera, and the garmin and ON PURPOSE to keep them SAFE I put them in my bag. And... then I walked out of the parking garage without another thought about them. Until a girl behind me stopped me and handed me something that had dropped out of said bag. It was poor James Brady, my Garmin. After thanking her I checked the bag and guess what I didn't find? Yup. The camera and MP3 player. Minutes of panic time as I retraced my steps through the garage to try to find my other valuables. Well, find them I did. In the middle of the driving lane. It didn't look good. And wonder of wonders I was right. It wasn't good. The MP3 player turned on and seemed to work. The camera turned on, but half the screen was lined with what would have been an otherwise lovely rainbow of stripes. It hasn't turned on since. Woe and Sadness. Woe and Sadness.

So School: For the next two years I will be studying to become a radiologic technician. I'll be takin X-rays of people, hee hee. I will not be radiating them into new forms of mutant life. (Unless they're really annoying, that is) But let me break it down for you so far,

Week 1: overwhelming and exciting and nerve wracking. Information overload. Change. Change. Change.

Week 2: Overwhelming. Self doubt filled paranoia culminating in a cry fest on the third day. So much information to remember. Get back into the study rhythm. Studying every free moment.

Week 3: First test done with. Still studying most every spare moment. Hospital staff and other students are all nice. Feeling ok. Will make it. Time is passing quickly. Come on two years. Hello good job?

Since I have no life other than school, work, and studying for school (aside from the time I'm writing this) I don't have much time to cook really. The horror! That saddens me more than losing the camera does. For reals. I ended up deciding that frozen dinners would have to constitute a large part of my diet for the next two years. I know, I know. The shame! One does need a place to put said frozen dinners though, so I bought a small chest freezer. It's in the garage now filled with frozen dinners, some hot peppers from the garden, and a loaf of pumpernickle bread. Oh and Ice cream. Yeah.... there is ice cream. Lots of ice cream. I can't have a freezer without ice cream pints in it. Oh no no no. That doesn't happen in Adamarieville. It would be like having a milkshake without milk. Not possible. And don't be all smart and try to prove it's possible, cause it aint I say. So, I currently have.... oh..... about 20 ice pints of frozen goodness. Hells Yeah.


  1. 20?????? Wow. That is impressive. I'm glad to hear that you're getting back in the swing of things. However, I'm heartbroken about your camera. I love you =)

  2. 4 corsets? wow..that's grand.
    Thank goodness, mp3 still works. Camera...oh man...that could have cost you a small fortune.