Friday, March 12, 2010

Bear Minimun Injun Ears

I was reading a Kentucky Home and Farm magazine and came across an article about how the FFA (Future Farmers of America) and Campbells Soup Co. are working jointly to restore old barns and farms across Kentucky. The article seemed admirable if unremarkable till I came across this quote: "Campbell's Soup has an initiative of educating people about where their food comes from -- they're trying to get rid of the stigma that food comes from a can"
Oh? Really? Something tells me that it's not a sound business model to educate people enough that they realize how awful your product is and how much better it would be if you didn't buy it but made it instead. I mean, if people realize soup doesn't com in a can Campbell's is in trouble. Unless Campbell's wants people to stop buying their product. Hmm???

In other news, here are some pictures. Try not to let the sheer stupidity rub off on you. Just remember, the world is a funny but stupid place. Enjoy it before it kills you.

So, what's the difference between Ground and Mechanically Separated? I mean ... really? Is the word "ground" too hard to understand? Did Pride Farm really feel it necessary to specify that Turkey's don't chew themselves up into pre-ground oval shapes before they're killed?
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I'm going to buy this. It's such a great deal.
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Do you go to EKU for your Higher Education? Might want to brush up on your Hamburger Flipping skills. Here's a sample of the writing/reading comprehension skills of current students.

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Chucky Love You Produce of USA. I'm speechless.
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End Stupidity. Begin Awesomeness. Go!

Now here's a gem. I spotted it as a printout on PETA's website. (Don't remember how I ended up there) I couldn't resist printing it out. How much trouble do you think i'd get into if I taped this up right on the wall above the refrigerated seafood section of Wal-Mart?
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Win indeed. ... That's not sarcasm. I Seriously love this. If someone let me dress their kid up, I'd do this.
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And in other news, I just hit the Ben and Jerry's jackpot today. We got in new flavors including Boston Cream Pie, Peanut Brittle, and Milk and Cookies! Whee!!!! And, and AND ... we have other flavors too that we haven't gotten in before. It's like an ice cream treasure trove. The sugar gods were smiling down on me. I feel blessed. What's that? ..... Oh yeah....... Ummmm...... You remember when I said I was giving up sugary dessert like stuff for Lent, do you? Well....I'm eating sugar again. No! No. You're wrong. I didn't fail at Lent. I just ... chose not to succeed.

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