Saturday, March 20, 2010

Nuns are People Too

Ok. So Here's a March Madness Bracket I can get into:

I was talking to some of the people I work with and we were talking about marrying rich men, specifically marrying a doctor. I said I wouldn't want to do that, have never wanted to, because doctors, and many men who work in high paying demanding professions, have to be away from home (on call or on business trips) so much. To me, that defeats the purpose of being married, doesn't it? I mean, if you marry someone, you marry them because you want to be with them, right? If I ever get married I want to spend time with my husband not his money. Almost every married person I talk to advises me to marry for money instead of love if I have the opportunity though. This saddens and confuses me.

Aside from marrying doctors we also talked about Donna Simpson. The woman who wants to go from 600 some lbs to 1,000 lbs. We were talking about how dangerous it is to be that heavy and how she very well might die after reaching that 1,000 lbs. Someone mentioned that if she dies they'd have to cremate her because she's so big. Not true, I said. She could be buried, but she'd need a custom coffin and two grave plots. I was then told that I'm mean and probably going to hell. But really, I was just being Pragmatic and realistic, Honest, even. Doesn't the bible say thou shalt not lie? Well, I didn't.

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